Note: This website has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.

Hi, I'm Mike Pack

I'm a software engineer specializing in Ruby, Elixir, and JavaScript

I live in beautiful Denver, Colorado

I'm an advocate of clean, reusable and testable code, applying design patterns and aggressive refactoring


People Are Saying

Mike is a smart, curious, and hard-working developer. Adept at learning new technologies quickly and getting things done, he is also a great person and team-player. He will succeed with whatever he does.

Stirling Olson
President, Foraker Labs

His development prowess, his patience, responsiveness, stamina AND his appreciation of design made the process of building our site a cinch. First meeting to launch in under three weeks. No kidding.

Cindy Frigard
Owner/Designer, Similar Blue

When it comes to engineering, he is a craftsman’s craftsman. He writes beautiful, well designed code that is easy to understand and maintain. His strong grasp of computer science theory and exceptional communication skills, combined with his humble demeanor, make working with him an enjoyable experience.

Craig Williams
Senior Developer

Mike is the textbook team player. He's an extremely talented engineer, effective teacher, and engaging leader. Not only does Mike posses the ability to build a large scale app, he has the personality to lead a team.

Dave Woodall
Developer and Mentee